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Orix Rent A Car Ishigakijima,Ishigaki Airport Hibiscus,Iriomotejima Ohara
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Rental Guide

General information

From coming to the office to return
All drivers are required to present his/her driver's license. The license should be valid one in Japan to drive the rent-a-car.
(The licence is Japanese driver's license or international driving permit under the Geneva Motoring Convention.)
We provide free shuttle service from/to Ishigaki Airport or Ishigaki Port.
When/If you want to use this service, please apply at the time of reservation.
(But Ishigakijimaten provides it only in the city area.
For further information please ask to the each office.)
When the address that is listed in a driver's license is different from the current address, please present such the thing which can prove the current address as health insurance card, mail, etc.
When you will be late for the time of reservation, please contact us.
When/If It is past the time for reservation more than one hour, we delete your reservation and demand a cancellation fee.
Please present Japanese driver's licence or international driving permit and your passport.
Under article about the rent-a-car, we will rent cars.
Please hear the explanation about compensation and notice before departure.
Please check the dents and/or scratches of the car with our staff.
Please ask the staff how to use the equipments.
The rental cars are to be provided with a full tank of fuel. Please refill the tank at the nearest gas station before you return the car. Otherwise, the specified refueling charge will apply.
You will have to indemnify ORIX Rent-A-Car for "Flat tires or damage to the tires" and "Loss of hubcaps".
If you intend to extend your rental, please contact the office, prior to due in time. And please get our consent of extension.
When extension is available, an excess charge, which is described on the tariff, will be applied at the time of car return.
And insurance coverage and CDW shall not be provided during an unauthorized extended period of rental.

Please fill it up in ENEOS filling station !!

There are 10 ENEOS filling stations in Ishigaki is. Please fill it up in ENEOS filling stations !
You can pay by VISA, JCB, Mastercard, Amex, Diners Club, etc, various credit cards.
Credit cards

Orix rent a car ORIX Rent-A-Car Ishigakijima

122-1 Hirae, Ishigaki-city, Okinawa,907-0003, Japan TEL:+81-0980-83-8543

Orix rent a car ORIX Rent-A-Car Ishigaki Airport Hibiscus

222-35 Moriyamahigashi, Ishigaki-city, Okinawa,907-0244, Japan TEL:+81-0980-87-5416
(Ishigakijima-Rent-A-Car Station)

Orix rent a car ORIX Rent-A-Car Iriomotejima Ohara

201-204 Haemi, Taketomi-Town, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa, 907-0453, Japan TEL:+81-0980-85-5888

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